Sony Thinking of Vitality Sensors for PlayStation Consoles?

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Maybe! A patent application, filed in 2010 but only recently uncovered, has Sony looking at biometric controls on devices that look like a DualShock, a PlayStation Move controller, and a handheld.


What does that actually mean? It means the controllers would be able to measure your skin moisture, heart rhythm and muscle movement and use those to help control or influence a game.

This is quite a few steps beyond Nintendo's ill-fated Vitality Sensor, which basically would only read your pulse (and which has since been put on the shelf because it didn't work very well).

Some of the possible applications for using this data include a game's difficulty adapting to match your stress levels and a game's soundtrack adapting to...match your stress levels.

Remember, though, unlike the Vitality Sensor, which was officially announced by Nintendo, these are just patent applications, meaning it's just stuff Sony is thinking about, not necessarily intending to bring to market.

Sony Patent Reveals Biometric PS3 Controller And Handheld [Siliconera, via GameSpot]

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Nintendo introduces it as an accessory that has many possibility to add to game play, EVERYONE yell and crys that its stupid.

Nintendo admits that its in early stages, but everyone still say its a waste of time and will never be worth it.

Sony does it and its the greatest thing ever?