Sony: The PlayStation 3 Pushes More Blockbusters

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Sony contends that the PlayStation 3 maintains a higher attach rate for blockbuster games than the Xbox 360, and has the numbers to back up the claim.


Information delivered to Gamasutra in preparation for an interview with Sony's Peter Dille included several examples of the how blockbuster titles sell nearly as many or more copies on the PlayStation 3 than on the Xbox 360. Take the example of Street Fighter IV. Sony says that Capcom's eagerly-anticipated sequel has only sold around 44,000 copies more on the Xbox 360 than the PlayStation 3, with a much higher overall attach rate. 402,919 copies of the game sold represents a 5.5% game to console percentage for the PS3, while the Xbox 360's 446,435 units only represents 3.1% of consoles in North America.

Tomb Raider: Underworld represents the biggest triumph cited by Sony in terms of sales numbers, with the PlayStation 3 version outselling the 360 136,245 to 108,784, though with numbers that low I wouldn't exactly be calling Underworld a blockbuster title.

Other examples provided include Ubisoft's Prince of Persia and Grand Theft Auto 4, both of while have sold more copies on the Xbox 360, but maintain a higher attach rate on the PS3.

In case those numbers weren't enough, Sony also takes the opportunity to challenge Microsoft's response to the February NPD results, in which they boasted 130 games rated 80 or above on Metacritic, pointing out that while in sheer size the number is impressive, as of April Sony has a larger percentage of games scoring over 80%, with 31% of their games scoring in the upper reaches as compared to Microsoft's 23%.

Sony also notes that the majority of the 360's 80%+ scores are for games published in 2006 and 2007, "when the console had little to no competition".


It's all a matter of twisting and turning numbers around to make them look better. Which numbers look better to you?

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