Sony Telling People The PSP2 Is As Powerful As A PS3

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A report on trade site MCV reckons Sony has been telling "licensees" — ie the people making games for it — that the PSP2 "‘is as powerful as the PlayStation 3".

It's part of a clear strategy Sony has for the upcoming (and still not yet officially unveiled) handheld, which is that it's "specifically requesting richer, more in-depth content to differentiate its device from app-centric Apple and Android devices."

Like its own PlayStation Phone, for example.


This all collaborates what Kotaku previously reported — that the PSP2 may rival consoles in horsepower. EA honcho John Riccitiello also told Kotaku, "Having something as powerful as a PlayStation 3 in your pocket is a pretty compelling idea."

The same report claims that while downloads will play a big part in the system's game library, the PSP2 will also use physical media so that its games can be sold in retail stores. It also states the handheld will be out in Q4 2011, possibly as early as October.

There's even word it may include some kind of phone (remember, the current PSP can be used as a Skype device), though "not as a primary function".


Before you spit internet coffee all over yourself, remember the PSP2 probably won't actually be as powerful as a PS3. But on a smaller screen, it should manage — just like the PSP did with the PS2 — to appear as though it's pretty close.

Kotaku is following up with Sony and will update should the company comment.

PSP2 as powerful as PS3, set for Q4 launch [MCV]

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...Sigh, its the "portable" wars all over again:

Nintendo releases a higher powered console than its predecessor, but its not THAT powerful, and has new innovations.

Sony releases the same console, with the same stuff, but much more powerful, claiming its as powerful as its main console.

What happens next?:

Nintendo sells millions and millions of 3DS, having lots and lots of games, with some of the best portable games ever developed by first and third parties, while having a few remakes of older consoles on it (Final Fantasy's, and some Mario games of course).

Sony sells the thing, but games dont even look anywhere near the main console, but still it has it has some good games (Mostly Sony franchises), but after all the war, its only impressive to emulate stuff on it.

Sigh. Im bored of writing the same story all over again.