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Sony Takes Another Shot At Xbox Policies

Illustration for article titled Sony Takes Another Shot At Xbox Policies

It's been a while since we've seen any mud-slinging in World Console War V, but Sony took another shot tonight, going after Microsoft's controversial console parity policy.


Although many independent developers have praised Microsoft for ramping up its indie support on Xbox One with the new ID@Xbox program, some have criticized the Xbox maker for insisting on "launch parity"—in other words, games would have to launch on Xbox the same day that they go live on other platforms. Under a policy like this, an indie developer would not be able to do any sort of timed exclusive release on the Xbox's big competitor: the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft recently told Edge that they hope to work with developers on a "case by case basis" when it comes to exclusive releases on other consoles, but that didn't stop Sony VP of publisher/developer relations Adam Boyes from going after the policy on Twitter tonight:


This is of course not the first time Sony has gone after Microsoft's controversial policies—one of E3 2013's most memorable moments was a short video in which PlayStation executives hammered Microsoft's anti-used games policy, which was reversed a few weeks later. Console wars!

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"Doc, you're so crazy! Everyone takes shots at each other."

Nah, guys, taking shots at the competition really is "on message" for Sony marketing, and has been for years. Is pretty unique compared to Nintendo and Microsoft marketing, which tends to focus on "we're great."

I personally think this is a big problem with the way Sony markets itself, and it's been the biggest problem I've had with the company for years. I wish they'd focus more on how great they are than how the competition sucks.

I believe this has a massively negative impact on the Sony audience, and this is why we have a lot of documented case of Sony fans acting far more than Nintendo and Microsoft's fan bases. This is deeply troubling to me. Death threats over 9.3s and 85s, decrying "bias against Sony" in positive reviews, massive petitions begging companies to keep third-party games Sony exclusive (instead of sharing things with people of all platforms)... that's something relatively unique to the Sony fanbase, as far as the big three go.

I really want to see Sony get off this messaging, because "we're better than others" encourages the audience (not everyone, of course!) to behave like horrible human beings. That has to change. We shouldn't be hating on each other so much.