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Sony Sued Over Its "No Sue" Legal Terms

Illustration for article titled Sony Sued Over Its No Sue Legal Terms

Sony, along with several other big companies, has recently tried to institute a "no sue" clause in the terms of service agreements for its consoles.


To oppose this, some people are, yes, trying to sue them over their "no sue" agreements.


According to a report on GameSpot, a man in Northern California is leading a suit, filed in November, which alleges "Sony engaged in unfair business practices by forcing consumers to either give up their right to file a class-action lawsuit or give up access to the online gaming network they effectively paid for when they purchased the hardware."

While this sounds a little crazy, remember, the legality of these "no sue" agreements is highly questionable, given they seemingly strip away many Americans legal rights, so he may just have a case.

Sony sued over terms of service update [GameSpot]

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Every American has the right to due process of law and the right to have their grievances heard. Any EULA or corporate legal invention that denies any person access to the courts in any way is illegal and unconstitutional.

No person or company wants to be sued if something can be worked out outside of court (adults should be able to work out their differences). But no person or company has the right to deny you access to the courts.