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Sony Starts Rolling Out New PS3 Security Updates

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In the wake of hackers exploiting security vulnerabilities in the PlayStation 3, opening the system to custom firmware, hacks and piracy, Sony appears to be issuing a response with new security updates.


The official warns that a new system update for the PS3 (version 3.56) will be released soon. Eric Lempel, VP or Network Operations for Sony Computer Entertainment America, is brief in describing what it does, writing "This is a minor update that adds a security patch."


The previous version of the PS3's firmware (version 3.55) updated with precisely the same description.

Perhaps more interesting than PS3 software updates is an unconfirmed report that Sony has another solution in the works to combat PlayStation 3 piracy and exploits: serial keys. According to a report on Techeye, citing Dutch PlayStation outlet PS3-Scene, who in turn cites an unnamed source, Sony may be playing to ship unique serial keys with each game it ships going forward.

That move, if true, would be an unusual solution. Serial keys certainly haven't saved the PC platform from piracy and customers may balk at another obstacle keeping them from playing their legitimately purchased games.

We've inquired with the folks at PlayStation to see if there's any truth to reports that serial keys will come to the PS3 and will update if they respond.

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Yet all I want them to do is patch in PS2 emulation onto my PS3 slim.