Sony So Aren't Competing With Microsoft Or Nintendo

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Sony makes a games machine. Heck, they make three of them that people are still buying. So they're in competition with Nintendo and Microsoft, who also makes games machines, right? Nope! Kaz Hirai told MCV at this week's SCEE event in Europe that Sony have bigger fish to fry than the world's #1-selling gaming company and the world's #1-selling software company:

I think that PS3, PS2 and PSP are all entertainment platforms so I feel that our competition is not Microsoft or Nintendo, but basically any form of entertainment that is competing for the consumers' attention.

So we need to make sure we offer the most compelling entertainment - not videogame entertainment but in entertainment in general. I can't speak for their strategy but I like to think that we've got a very well balanced portfolio with PS3, PSP and you can't discount the PS2.


Hear that, Nintendo? You're so one-dimensional. Maybe put an album together, release a movie or two, then you'll be running with the big dogs.

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Damn it, Kaz. You guys were on a roll this week, and now as soon as the weekend rolls around, this.

I mean, I see where he's coming from, making the point that Sony is competing more with entertainment in general with the Playstation brand...but the wording was just terrible.

Which is really the PS guys' failing, their points are often valid and true, but they word them so stupidly it's painful.