Sony Should Partner With Google For Orbis

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In today's Speak Up, Albino RyNo has an idea for Sony's next business move.

Sony could win the next console cycle with one key move. Full partnership with Google.
Hear me out.
Imagine if Sony's next console were completely integrated with all of the services offered by Google that we know and love.


Google TV.
Giving the PS4 or Orbis or whatever it will be called all the features of Google TV just makes sense. What better way to compete with Apple and Microsoft in the living room than by putting Google TV on every Sony console sold. The PS2 introduced DVD players to a lot of homes. The PS3 was a lot of people's first Blu Ray player. Why not continue that tradition and put a Google TV in every home that has a PS4? Think about having Google TV's ability to search Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu plus, YouTube, PSN, and your cable provider for the shows you want to watch instead of bouncing between apps.

Full YouTube integration. Not only browsing and streaming all of the HD content available (even playlists) but also the ability to upload gameplay videos directly to YouTube from your console. Some games already allow this (I know a few racing games let you upload replays to YouTube) but if they could bake this into the operating system it would allow for more than just race replays or death-match victories to be shared. Imagine uploading speed runs, walk-throughs or boss fights for everyone to see.

Chrome Browser.
The PS3 web browser is less than user friendly and it makes most websites look like a bag of butt-holes run over by a truck. Chrome is arguably the fastest and best web browser out there. If a version was built from the ground up for PS4 I might actually use my console to surf the web. Being able to sync bookmarks across my desktop, mobile and PS4 would be epic.

Google Plus.
Google Plus sucks. Let's admit that out front. But imagine taking advantage of some of the cooler features, such as video hangouts, on your PS4. Video chatting with a group of people across platforms would be awesome. If I could video chat with my brother on his laptop, one friend on his smart phone, and another friend on his Vita while sitting in my living room that would be a feature I would use way more often than the PS3's video chat service.

Everybody has gmail. I wouldn't want to type out a full letter on a controller but being able to check my email before jumping into a game would be a nice bonus.

I don't think this idea is that far fetched either. Sony and Google already work together on smartphones, Android tablets, and Sony TV's with Google TV built in. Why not team up to take on Microsoft and Apple? It seems like a win/win for both companies to me. What do you guys think?


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Hah. You know what I want most from a game console? Games. I really don't care about anything else. I'm not looking to turn my game console into some portal into my digital social life. I want to play games. I want to shoot people in the head, solve puzzles, save the world. I don't want to check my fucking email.