Sony Says "Home Is Not A Social Network"

Speaking at the Develop Conference, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reps Darren Cairns and Liam Wickham set the record straight on what Home is, exactly. Perhaps distancing it from services like Second Life, the pair proclaimed Home is "focused on games" referring to it as "a visual representation of the PlayStation community." Yes, sitting by the virtual fire in your virtual log cabin pretty much sums up the PlayStation community in our book. According to a report from Develop, the two talked most about Home's game launching capabilities, touted by Sony at E3 for titles like Warhawk and Resistance. The technical details of Home's lobby and matching system are explored more in depth in the full report, but our take is that, whenever Home is released (or sent into perpetual beta) it sounds like the bee's knees. Sony: "Home is not a social network" [Develop]


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