Sony’s announced release dates for 16 films, including Resident Evil 6 and the Uncharted movie, which has been delayed to Summer 2017. You can find the full list of dates below, courtesy of Variety:

“Money Monster” – 4/8/16
“The Shallows” – 6/24/16
“Ghostbusters” – 7/15/16
“Patient Zero” – 9/2/16
“The Magnificent Seven” – 9/23/16
“Underworld 5″ – 10/21/16
“Passengers” – 12/21/16
“Jumanji” – 12/25/16
“The Dark Tower” – 1/13/17
“Resident Evil 6″ – 1/27/17
“Bad Boys 3″ – 2/17/17
“Baby Driver” – 3/17/17
“Barbie” – 6/2/17
“Uncharted” – 6/30/17
“The Lamb” – 12/8/17
“Bad Boys 4″ – 7/3/19

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Money Monster? Never heard of it, unless it means my Steam account.
The Shallows? Guessing horror? I do prefer deep water after all.
Ghostbusters! I’ll probably see this, only ever saw the gatekeeper one.
Patient Zero? Original...
The Magnificent Seven? I feel like I should know what this is.
Underworld 5? That’s still going? I never even saw 2...
Passengers? Thriller?
Jumanji? Really? Why redo this? We can’t even have a Robin Williams cameo :(
The Dark Tower? Oooooh, spooky! But kinda tame for a title.
Resident Evil 6? I have still yet to watch a single one of these.
Bad Boys 3? Whatcha gonna do?
Baby Driver? I’m not even going to guess. Oh wait! Wrestler/Muscley dude gets “hilariously” un-masculine job as a driver for school pickups? That’s my guess. Probably wrong. But that name.
Barbie? Any chance of this being as good as the LEGO Movie?
Uncharted? Weird name, probably about a crime family or adventuring family right?
The Lamb? Is it silenced?
Bad Boys 4? Whatcha gonna do with ya deja vu?

Okay, I may have been slightly bored.