Sony Responds To February NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

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Yesterday's NPD Group sales data revealed that PlayStation 3 sales were down year-over-year. In fact they were down across the PlayStation family. But that's only focusing on the negatives. What about the PlayStation positives?


While Sony didn't release a "PlayStation By The Numbers" response this month—putting the fate of our regular Corporate Gloating posts in doubt—Peter Dille, Senior VP of Marketing and the PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment America, gave the numbers some thought. While Dille doesn't point out that PlayStation family sales bested 600,000 units sold, which would have outsold the "Xbox family" or the "DS family," he does call the month a "tremendous kickstart" to the year.

SCEA did take a sentence or two to brag about the launch of Killzone 2 which placed in the top ten bestselling games of the month and scored a "noteworthy 92 Metacritic score." And hey, that's nothing to shake a stick at!

Read on for the full statement and the word "momentum."

"In February, we had a tremendous kickstart to what promises to be another record year for the PlayStation brand with the launch of mega blockbuster hit Killzone 2, which ranked in the top 5 with only two days of sales in February and has been garnering extraordinary reviews, and a noteworthy 92 Metacritic score. We have no doubt this game will deliver a next gen experience and will be responsible for driving hardware sales throughout the year. You can also expect an onslaught of unmatched entertainment offerings to hit across our platforms, such as genre-leading PS3 titles like MLB'09: The Show and inFamous, and new content via the PlayStation Network like movies and TV shows from NBC Universal, and an unprecedented line-up of third and first party exclusives to hit the PSP. We have no doubt 2009 will be another year of continued momentum and we remain confident in delivering the best entertainment experience to our consumers." — Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the PlayStation Network, Sony Computer Entertainment America


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