Sony S1 and S2 Android Tablets

These tablets, codenamed S1 and the S2, are why we need Sony—the Sony we love—in a world where almost every gadget of consequence is effectively a blank slate for software.

Sony Vaio Z

The new Vaio Z certainly outguns pretty much any other ultraportable out there. The question becomes: is it worth it?


Sony Sports Walkman

Using your phone as your mp3 player while you work out sucks. It gets sweaty and gross and you have to carry it around the rest of the day smelling like your armpit. No thanks. Give me a sweat-proof one like the new Sports Walkman.


Sony CMT-CX5 Wall-Mounted Speakers

Head-turning speakers that mount to your wall or anchor your desk? Yes and yes; just keep your fingers crossed on the price when they launch in August.


Sony NEX-7 (Rumored)

This may or may not be Sony's new NEX-7 camera. If it is, we're in for a treat.


Crackle (iOS and Android App)

There's really no reason not to download Crackle, it gives you free movies to watch, great TV shows to remember and works for both iOS and Android.


Qriocity Music Unlimited

For $10/month, the Premium plan nets you the ability to create playlists, listen to any song you want any time you want, and access additional radio channels. All in all, not a bad deal for anyone who thinks Apple's iCloud looks a little gray.