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Sony Raises Prices On Products, PS3 Unaffected

Illustration for article titled Sony Raises Prices On Products, PS3 Unaffected

All three home consoles are built in Asia. Two of the three platform holders are based in Asia. So what happens when Western currencies start dropping like a stone, courtesy of the "economic crisis"?


We face the prospect of prices being jacked up to compensate. In Britain this week, such a move has already taken place, Sony informing customers that they'll be raising the price on a range of appliances and products, from laptops to cameras to flat-screen TVs.

Fortunately for the Brits, the price of the PlayStation 3 is staying right where it is.


An SCEE spokesperson has told Play.TM that, in spite of the general price hikes, the price of the PlayStation 3 in the UK won't be raised. Smart move, that one. As with everything else game-related in the UK, it's already too high.

After all, what's a few extra bucks lost in shipping the things to Europe compared to the more-than-a-few extra bucks lost if nobody ever bought another PS3 in Britain again.

PS3 price will not rise in UK [Play.TM]

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yeah, this is a very weird move by Sony, anyone could tell em that in times of a crysis people cut down on luxury expenses most, raising the price will obviously not lead to more demand.

Also recent news show that, yes, meanwhile in fact the console game industry is not unaffected by an economic crysis.

I think in the past people argued that in times of an economic crysis people would cut down on bigger expenses like travelling to other countries and instead sit at home and play games more than travelling etc in their free time, well, all good and well in the past but obviously nowadays people then also rather buy cheaper games or play free games on the web rather or ones they already have some longer instead of rushing out to get as many 60 bucks titles as in the past.

Let´s see how that works out for Sony..