Sony Puts In-Theatres Movie On PlayStation Store

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Earlier this week, Sony accidentally offered Armored - a movie that's still playing in theatres - for download on the PlayStation Store. What's more, they offered it for free. Whoops.


It was all a big mistake, of course, and one that was corrected in around five hours, but during that window it was available, people grabbed it, and people are now watching it on their PS3s and PSPs. For free.

Interesting that, mistake or not, the movie had already been processed and cleared for digital download, indicating its actual, intended release may not have been that far away.

Break into the PlayStation Store, get Armored for free [Joystiq]


Mike Newlad

Sony should make this a regular thing lol.

Seriously though, they should put in-cinema movies on the PSN. Make it a one-two punch where if you buy the HD version you get a cinema ticket for free. Most people only care about movies they see advertised in the cinema but a lot of them don't like going so they pirate it. This would reduce piracy, increase digital sales of the movie while giving the Playstation Store a must have feature.

By giving people 1 free ticket, nobody let's that go to waste and nobody goes to the cinema on their own. So anyone buying it will at least be responsible for someone else buying a ticket, maybe even a group.

Use Sony's own movies for a test run, if cinema viewership rises or stays the same, then get other studio's on board.


I suppose one bad effect would be that once a digital copy enters the wild, someone will find a way to pirate the full quality version but from my understanding the quality of the copy isn't much of a factor against piracy. I could be wrong.