Sony: PS3 Sales Up, PSP Sales Down

Sony just released its quarterly financial results, and said results are mixed for the company's games division, an increase in PlayStation 3 sales set against a slide in sales of the PlayStation Portable.

Between October and December 2009 (Q32009), Sony sold 6.5 million PlayStation 3s worldwide. In the same quarter last year, Sony sold 4.5 million PS3 consoles, so that's a healthy increase, in large part thanks to the introduction of a cheaper, slimmer model of the machine.


Sony's other two consoles, however, saw a decline in sales. For the PS2, that was to be expected, 2.5 million units being sold in Q32008 compared to 2.1 in Q32009. The company was probably hoping for a stronger outing from its PlayStation Portable handheld, however, the introduction of a new model - the PSPgo - having little effect, with sales down from 5.1 million in Q32008 compared to 4.2 million in Q32009.

In terms of the company's overall business, Sony as a whole recorded its first profitable quarter in over a year, however the games division remained stagnant, Sony saying "despite a decrease in PS2 hardware and software unit sales, as well as PSP hardware unit sales, profitability was relatively unchanged mainly due to an improvement in the cost of PS3 hardware".

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