Sony: Price "Perhaps An Issue" With The PSPgo

Ah, the PSPgo. Right idea, wrong time, and definitely wrong price.


In an interview with MCV that covers all things PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai has touched on the challenges his company have faced in trying to sell the PSPgo, a handheld that requires online purchases and is exorbitantly priced.

"It is the first time we have done that with any of our devices, and we did get a lot of feedback, both good and bad", he says. "I think we need to make sure we have as many titles available to download as possible, to make the experience as easy as possible. But also pricing is perhaps an issue. Because of the cost reductions we've been able to do over the years, the traditional PSP has benefited. But the PSPgo is a completely different design, so the cost trend is different."

"Those are some factors. But I'm happy with the results that we've seen on PSPgo, including the invaluable feedback that we've been getting from our consumers. I think it has done well for us."

That last line pretty much means "we now know what not to do", which can only be a good thing for the next PlayStation handheld.



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