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PSP Go Is Officially $249

Illustration for article titled PSP Go Is Officially $249

We knew it was coming. Like, really knew. But still, there's a formality to these proceedings, and that formality requires Sony to officially announce the new PSP at their E3 press conference.


All the earlier details hold true - so it's slide-out, there's 16GB of flash memory, etc - with the only real new stuff coming in the form of release dates and a price.


The PSP Go will be released in North America and Europe on October 1. In North America, it will be priced at...$249.

Japan will get the unit a little later, on November 1, and there it will cost 26,800 (USD$280).

For reference, the current core pack goes for USD$169. Ouch.

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Wow. Angry comments/reactions based on very little information.


Personally - I'll reserve judgment until I've A.) read more about what the system can do (ie how current UMDs will transfer to the on-board storage) and/or B.) used one.

Right now all I can tell is that I think it looks okay and the price point doesn't "offend" me.