Sony PlayStation Day London '08 Roundup

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In case you're just joining us this afternoon, today saw a whole slew of news coming out of the UK from the Sony PlayStation Day London '08 event. From the delay of Killzone 2 to early 2009 to the PlayStation 3 outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe, here's a rundown of the stories from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's big event.

SCEE: LittleBigPlanet Delayed, Not Coming Until October
Killzone 2 Dated for 2009
Resistance 2 will Feature Eight-Player Co-Op, 60-player Multiplayer
Motorstorm 2 Gets Named, Detailed
Gran Turismo Racing Academy Announced
Sony Gamers Day UK Info Dump: Resistance 2 to SOCOM Confrontation
Men In Black Becomes First International BD-Live Title
Episodic Siren Blood Curse Hits PS3 This Summer
Sony Brings Indie Music to PSN via Movement
Europe Getting MGS4 Bundle After All
SCEE Plays Up Social Gaming At Gamer's Day 08
PlayStation 3 Outsells 360 In Europe
Mirror's Edge In Motion

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@SlowDeath420: I'd call it a decent day... good would be giving them too much credit for:

1) A delay of LBP

2) Another delay for Killzone 2 (well maybe not delay as just late launch)

3) Oldish news about R2's great looking multiplayer (I'm putting that one under positive though... looks great)

4) Motostorm details (looking good)

5) Racing Academy? Not sure what to file it under. Let's put it under good news for fast cars.

6) Minor news on several titles (ok, good news I guess)

7) Blu-Ray news (still goodish, even if it doesn't wow me)

8) Episodic stuff (to make a good day out of it, I'm for calling this good)

9) Indie music on PSN (good news)

10) MGS Bundle showed up Europe's butt without vaseline. (Biggest disappointment yet)

11) Social gaming... well ... ok ... fine

12) PS3 outselling 360 in Europe. Good news for Sony... bad news for anybody tired at fanboy rantings. Still I classify it as good. But doubtfully so.

13) Mirror's Edge looks nice... good news.

14) No DualShock acknowledged in Europe yet... horrible news even if it's no news... since it's not you know... acknowledged....

15) No home, no God of War, no Wipeout, no Final Fantasy, no Ico (come on Sony, you can do it again!), no news on the real Gran Turismo... was this a Sony news day?

So out of 13 articles and a number of nonmentions we have... 2 delays, one butt-rape and like 5 ones that's mostly meh.

I had hoped for more... especially DS3 and an European/Australian (and Scandinavian above all!) price cut to match the rest of the world.