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If you have a discriminating eye for fine video game box art and were rendered inconsolable by the visual blight that is Heavy Rain's North American box art, Sony has good news for you.


In response to a request for the PlayStation 3 game's "EU boxart available as a pre formated PDF to print out," Cristian Cardona, associate product manager at Sony Computer Entertainment writes on the that the publisher plans on doing just that very thing.


"We'll be doing that for those that would prefer the UK artwork," Cardona says to those turned off by the domestic cover. "Keep an eye out on the blog around launch!" That would be on or around February 23.

Oh, we will keep an eye out, despite having our nose turned up at an incredibly sharp angle due to the local version of Heavy Rain's cover! We'll keep both eyes out!

Introducing the Official Heavy Rain Box Art [ via Shacknews]

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