Sony: Physical Games Not Going Anywhere

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Despite the release of the digital-only PSPgo and an increasing push towards the delivery of content over the PlayStation Network, Sony would like you all to know that traditional, boxed stuff is "not going away any time soon".


"Make no mistake", SCEE boss Andrew House told, "when you're looking at PS3 games and you're seeing the shift in the sheer size of the data that's becoming available, the packaged media business is not going away any time soon".

The "shift" he's talking about is the number of people realising their PS3s can connect to the internet, connect to the PSN, then guy games off it.


"I think there's been an overstatement there potentially, and then a backlash to that - but I don't think we were really responsible for that overstatement, so we're not really part and parcel of the backlash, if that makes sense."

Not really, no! But hey, if Blu-Rays and UMDs are going to be coming down the pipeline for a whiles yet, you got your point across.

Packaged media "not going away any time soon" - House []

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Seeing all the opinion of this post, i realize that iam not the only one with the feeling torwars physical media, the issues are the following:

1.- You own it , its yours, you can resell it ,you can lend it, you can do whatever you want with it, with digital media no because of the legal rights.

2.-You dont have to worry about the lifedate of the console you can always keep the games and play them, digital media cannot assure this, as soon as a the server for a new console is created, the old one is abandon then you not longer have the game.

3.-You buy the game simply as that, you dont have to wait for countless hours to download it or if anything wrong happens to the internet connection during the process of downloading, you dont loose the time, the effort and possibly the money if something critical happens with the internet connection.

4.-Lets say you have all the games in your console memory if the console dies all the games die with it, with physical media you only buy a new console and whala, with Digital media you have to bought it all over again alongside with the console.

5.-Most Impostantly with physical media nobody can mess with the game, and by this i mean no Hacker, imagine one day some smart ass had deleted all your games, or worst you pay the game and the download goes to this person. ouch

And iam sure theres plenty of things besides the before mentioned, that we cannot imagine right now but it could affect the digital distribution, for that Physical media RULES....

And of course i love my collection of boxes and smell the inside of the box when you open it for the first time....ahhhh... priceless