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Sony Offers "Behind The Scenes" Look At PS3 Motion Control R&D

Illustration for article titled Sony Offers Behind The Scenes Look At PS3 Motion Control RD

The still un-sexily named PlayStation 3 motion controller may have a feature or two you don't yet know about. Thankfully, the PlayStation blog and creator of things neat Dr. Richard Marks are here to inform you.


The PlayStation folks offer an insightful look at the research and development of the PS3's motion control offering, the one that's tied to the PlayStation Eye video camera and does very cool things. Somewhat surprisingly, the R in the R&D of the device goes far beyond watching a video of the Wii Remote in action and someone taking notes. I swear!

Marks and company talk about some of the controller's technical specs, which include an analog stick built in and some of that nifty force feedback. Not good enough for the SIXAXIS, but good enough for the sequel.


All kidding aside, this is a must see for any PS3 owner who wants to see what's coming down the pike in terms of control options for the PlayStation 3. Watch it!

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with SCEA Research & Development (Part 1) []

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It looks stupid. I don't mean the idea- that's fine- but the thing looks dumb. Like a glowing ice cream cone. I'm excited to see what they have in mind, I'm just not sold on having to hold two wands in my hand. If they wanted an archery game... okay. Perfect. If they wanted a game where a character has the ability to pick up a bow now and again... not so perfect. What the hell happens the REST of the game when I'm not hunting deer? I like the fact that it has rumble and triggers- that's the thing I see being very important over Natal, but the camera part... Eye Toy games only. Why, what, when have you ever needed to see the FRONT of your character, and not the back??? Crash Bandicoot and Nathan Drake both had a scene in their game where they were running at the screen. That's pretty much..."IT". So that seems pointless. Count me interested, don't count me sold.