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Sony Not Concerned About Japan's PSP - PSPgo Price Gap

Illustration for article titled Sony Not Concerned About Japans PSP - PSPgo Price Gap

The price difference between the PSP-3000 and the PSPgo? In Japan, about a hundred bucks. But, no sweat, Sony's not worried.


When asked if there was concern that the price gap between the PSP-3000 and the PSPgo would push Japanese consumers towards the less expensive PSP-3000, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told Kotaku, "That's fine. We have no intention to stop producing the PSP-3000."

As the company's continued support of the PS2 has shown, Sony is not one to kill off older hardware — especially when there is still a market for it, as there is in The Land of the Rising Sun.


The UMD format will continue to be produced by Sony, Yoshida said. "New games will be released in both UMD and digital formats," he added. Those who own a PSP-3000 will be able to pick up the hard copy, while those with the PSPgo can purchase the digital version. "However, some small games aren't getting a UMD release," Yoshida conceded. According to Sony, the major titles will be getting released on both platforms — take the upcoming Gran Turismo on the PSP, for example.

While digital and UMD formats provide a sharp divide between to the PSP-3000 and the PSPgo, Sony did explore ways to enable users to bring their UMD titles to the PSPgo.

"We seriously looked into solutions," Yoshida said. As Kotaku broke earlier, legal and technical issues regarding publishing and rights have prevented Sony from bringing that UMD solution to market.


"We will continue supporting the UMD format," Yoshida stated.

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Paradox me

I don't understand why people were so upset about the PSPGo's UMD problem to begin with.

First of all, how many of the people bitching about it were honestly ready to go out and drop $250 or so on the new handheld when they obviously have a normal PSP and extensive library of UMD-based games?

My guess is very few considering how it seems the same people are ripping the system apart for its other features (or lack of).

Everyone's also acting like they have to buy the fucking thing. How many times has Sony said they'll keep supporting the normal PSP like they have here?

The only people who would already have a collection of UMDs and be in the market for a Go are enthusiasts who have to have the latest tech and I suppose those who have broken PSPs. I really don't think you're the target audience folks. I know, it sucks to be one of those people, but how often would a hardware manufacturer target a new system to such a small portion of their user-base?

To anyone else, you'd have no library of games to worry about converting, you wouldn't be out anything. You also have the option to get a PSP-3000 and games on UMD, what's the damn problem here?