Sony Non-PSN Hacks Just Don't Quit

The hacks just don't stop. First there was the PSN hack. Then Sony Online Entertainment. Then in seemingly unrelated hacks, Sony Thailand's site was being used for phishing exploit and Sony's internet provider So-net was hacked. Now? Sony Music Indonesia and Sony Music Greece. Likewise, probably unrelated to the PSN hack, but it could be hackers testing Sony's online security. [CNET]


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Okay first off. To you people saying otherOS only used 1 core of the processor. No you morons it didnt. 1 core is reserved for gameOS computation, 6 were reserved to games and otherOS. The last 8th core isnt used for anything. OtherOS restricted access to the rsx functions of the GPU. The reasons why OtherOS linux wasnt a useful desktop pc is due to a limitation in RAM! That has nothing to do with the power of complex calculations the cell processor can do.

Second. You people need to understand the bigger picture here. When is it all of a sudden okay for Sony to start taking away features you paid for? You people lose psn for 3 weeks and cry bloody murderer, because its personal. How can you complain about losing one feature and say its okay to lose another just because you cant see how it benefits you in running over pedestrians in GTA.

The people who are mad about otherOS being taken away tend to be the people who are smart enough to develop the technology you use everyday. People like geohot, graf chokolo, kakarotoks, ect. These people are the innovators who are being prosecuted like criminals. Jailbreaking allows piracy, but it also allows people to innovate. Guns kill people, but can also protect your family. There are two sides to this and you people just care about headshots and killstreaks. Get over yourselves.

The power of the cell processor in the PC when clustered is STRONGER than most supercomputers. There is a reason why the ps3 is the warhawk server. There is a reason why people are mad about losing otherOS. There is a really big reason why you should demand it back. Microsoft embraces homebrew with xbox live indie. They give away their dev kits with xna.

We breed innovation. We do not line the pockets of corporate greed in gold so they can rule over us. We are the independent. And even though we are small we can take down giants. The hacks on sony are very well justified in my opinion. Its not cyber crime, its cyber justice. Sony are the criminals.