The next edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour will support the PlayStation "Arc" motion controller, though it's not due for release until fall. So the game isn't technically an Arc launch title, but still one supporting Arc at launch.

EA Sports confirmed the support among a package of upgrades and other features for the golf simulation, due out June 8. Among them include pin placements with a higher fidelity to those in real-life tournaments, a physics system incorporating a greater spread of error into your shot (rather than bullseyeing the landing always if you hit it perfectly) and reducing power for those who hold their backswing at the top to gain an accuracy advantage. In past editions the tactic would allow for better placement of one's shot without any reduction in its length.


Other features include variable wind gusts affecting your shot at various points in flight (rather than applied constantly from the beginning of the shot) and an improved green "that is harder and faster than in years past and offers a more realistic feel." So, no more gassing up the shot power as a hedge from six feet away.

The full spread of new features can be seen in the blog post at the link. Interestingly, none of the screen captures released by EA Sports today feature the beleaguered Mr. Woods. Just Rory McIlroy (pictured above) his cover companion, also introduced today, a move many have taken as a EA delicately distancing itself from someone who is both a gigantic name brand and a radioactive public figure.

Welcome to the New Season of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 [EA Sports]

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