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The PlayStation 3 and PSP will have a very good 2010, if Sony's head PlayStation marketing guy John Koller is right. Part of that will be due to ventures into 3D gaming, a new motion controller and the PlayStation Network.


Koller tells GamePro that Sony will add "a number of very critically demanded features" to the PlayStation Network, hopefully in the form of cross-game voice chat support—long rumored in PS3 firmware updates—and not so much in the form of monthly subscription fees.

Sony's motion controller that may be and probably is known as the PlayStation Gem will be dependent upon "family games, as well as shooters and sports games" for its success. Koller also contends that the PlayStation stab at motion controls may achieve the "Holy Grail of gaming," which he qualifies as "placing you as a consumer into the game physically."


Koller doesn't touch on the company's third pillar, 3D gaming, all that much. But he has so much more to say on other topics, ranging from PS2 backward compatibility to God of War III to the PSPgo.

Sony Talks 2010: "Project Natal and Wii are going to have trouble" [GamePro]

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