What are Sony's top brass looking forward to from the PlayStation family in 2009? Console exclusives, naturally. And "making money." While the PS3 gets 'em all hot and bothered, the PSP is, at best, remembered.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios, teases "new titles and innovations that will connect and expand the PlayStation experiences" on the PSP. But that's about all the love the PSP gets from developers and SCEE execs. I mean, David Reeves, president of the European arm seems mostly worked up over the PSP selling in "incredible numbers."


And what about the PlayStation 3, Sony's area of focus?

Reeves says that, once the company heads back into the black, "we can move forward at a rate of knots." Most of the internal excitement comes from games like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, MAG and God of War III, but there's plenty of super secret stuff, "more big titles that we have not even announced yet," teases Yoshida.

Hmph! That better mean "Team ICO game that is almost done," Mr. Yoshida!

"What are you looking forward to most on PlayStation in 2009?" [PlayStation.com]