Sony List Some PSP Comic Publishers (And DC Is Nowhere In Sight)

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe yesterday released a preliminary list of the publishing houses signed up to the company's digital comics service for the PSP. And there's quite a few notable absentees


While the list is obviously headlined by Marvel (whose comics have featured in every screenshot we've seen of the service), and is joined by the likes of 2000AD (Judge Dredd), IDW (Transformers) and Disney, there's, uh, several important publishers not there.

Like DC Comics. You know, those guys Sony are making an online game with. No DC also means no Dark Horse and Vertigo, either. Oh, and there's no Image, either.


Which means, at the moment, no Batman, no Superman, no Wonder Woman, no Hellboy, no Walking Dead, no Fables, no DMZ.

Sony say "we'll announce some more great publishers soon", but with the comics store due to open in only three weeks, would they really keep such major publishers off the list for a "surprise reveal"? I hope so, but at the same time, that's a little dim. Three weeks out from launch, I want to know a comics store will feature Superman, not be left guessing as part of some PR stunt.

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Marvel comics have better stories and character anyways. Sure DC has some classics, but Stan Lee really make characters with depth as opposed to DC where only Batman was really able to come out and show some humanity and depth.