Illustration for article titled Sony  Konami Both File Arc Trademarks, New Gradius Coming?

A new trademark from PlayStation 3 maker Sony lends more credibility to the rumor that its forthcoming motion controller—still officially the PlayStation Motion Controller—will be called Arc. Konami's new Gradius Arc trademark, however, is something else.


Or are they related? Siliconera just happened to dig up two recently filed Japanese trademarks, one for PlayStation Arc, the other for Gradius Arc, the second obviously somewhere in Konami's plans for another game in its venerable side-scrolling shoot 'em up series. Could it be one of the game's we'll be playing while holding Sony's new PlayStation Eye-powered wand?

While we may not know Konami's plans for a new Gradius right now, we're definitely going to hear a lot more about Sony's motion controller next week at GDC.


Gradius Arc? Color Us Curious, Konami & A PlayStation Arc Trademark, Wonder What That's For… [Siliconera]

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