Last time we checked into Latin American ads, we saw Sony try to sell people on PlayStation products using a most unusual premise. Oh, but it seems that it's not the only ad in the campaign!

So. The ad above? It translates to, "You won't care if your boyfriend doesn't call while playing." Hmm, is the market of women with partners who aren't returning calls really that high? Color me surprised. Less cynically: not so sure this would sell anyone on a PlayStation product. What do you think?

Here's another ad.


Translation: "you'll forget your wife is expecting triplets while playing." Still harping on the idea of PlayStation systems as potent products for escapism from real-world problems. Most of these problems are centered around sex or a love life—does that mean that Latin America is not the best place to fall in love? I for one am wary about it now, at least.

More likely, though, is that these are just a part of a bizarre, not entirely successful marketing campaign. Sure, we might be talking about PlayStation products right now, and that's something, but like I said, I'm doubtful these ads will actually sell anyone on anything. Heck, if you're actually having these problems, congrats, here's another reminder you probably don't want.


Still, props to Damian Hernaez for bringing these to our attention.