Sony Is Offering PS5 Preorders, Only You Don't Know How Much It Costs

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As we’ve already discussed today, nobody has any idea what’s going on with the PS5 launch. But if you’d still like to pre-order one on the basis of blind faith and a susceptibility to hype, then Sony has the deal for you.


The company is offering pre-orders for a brand new PS5 at launch, despite not being able to provide a final price (obviously you’ll be paying some kind of up-front fee) or a release date to go along with it. There’s apparently a “Limited quantity of PS5 consoles available for pre-order with those being “taken on a first-come-first-serve basis” and being offered only to “existing consumers”.

That means you need to already have a PSN account (and I’m guessing evidence that you’ve had a PlayStation console to go along with it), and who knows, by the time you’re reading this they may all be gone.

But if you want to try, the access page is here. And if you get in, the maximum you’ll be allowed to order will be:

  • 1 PS5 Console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense wireless controllers
  • 2 DualSense charging stations
  • 2 Pulse 3D wireless headsets
  • 2 Media remotes
  • 2 HD Cameras

If for whatever reason you do get in, I’d love to know details like how much you get charged.

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This part is interesting:

Who will be selected to receive an invitation?

Our selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.

I wonder what that means, specifically. It could be that they’re trying to weed out bot accounts by picking ones that appear to be used by actual active humans.