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Sony Is Also Competing Against Booze, You Know

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This month, Nintendo is launching a new gaming portable, the 3DS. Sony also has a new, still forthcoming portable the NGP. How is Sony going to compete?

When asked that question by Japan's Nikkei, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai replied, "I think that it's too narrow-minded to discuss the competition among game platforms such as Wii versus PS3 and Xbox versus PS3."

Continuing, Hirai added, "Game is an entertainment. In other words, any kinds of entertainments can be its rivals." That's right anything, underscoring Sony's attitude about its rivals. "So, movie[s], TV and even drinking party can be its rivals."


There are so many hours in a day, and everything is vying for gamer's attention, whether that be television, social networking, casual games, console games, magazines, and, yes, even drinking with friends.

"There is no point in being happy about winning or losing in the competition with the 3DS if other kinds of entertainments are booming in the world and no one plays games any more," said Hirai. "Anyway, we consider it important to provide games and their platforms that users can enjoy." Even if that means missing a night at the bar with friends.


Though, some might argue that a few drinks and a round of gaming aren't necessarily rivals, but B.F.F.

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