Sony Hoping to Make Firmware Updates Less Torturous On Vita

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The bane of Sony's current systems is the way in which they update their firmware. They're updated often, and tie the system up while they do it, meaning impulsive gaming sessions sometimes become boring installation sessions instead.


It's a problem the company is looking to fix with the release of the upcoming PlayStation Vita. Speaking with Game Informer, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida says "I agree, it's very annoying when you only have one hour in your busy life to play a game, and when you have to spend 30 minutes out of that one hour to update the hardware."

"So it's not necessarily the frequency of how we update, it's like you said—intrusiveness—of the current processes that we have on PS3 and PSP. I cannot talk about specific plans, but we are very aware of the issues, and we'd like to address those issues on PS Vita going forward."


Background updating would be fantastic. Failing that, bundling updates up so they're less frequent would be appreciated.

Sony's Shu Yoshida Talks Vita, PSP Lessons, And Nintendo [Game Informer]

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Two things would improve this easily:

1. I shouldn't have to pay $50/year for PSN+ just to get auto updating, it should have been there from the beginning.

2. The PSN network should get more bandwidth. I never get close to maxing my 50 mbps connection, which is understandable (most servers don't), but I would expect at least getting 10 mbps, not 3-5 like I normally receive.

It might be worth signing up for PSN+ if they gave subscribers priority access to their servers... Anyway, I won't do too much complaining since I'm getting the service for free.