Righto, this year is supposed to be the year of the PS3. That's what they say, whoever they are. But Sony Worldwide Studios honcho Shuhei Yoshida also hopes next year would be the year of the PS3. Talking about this year (and next), Yoshida says:

All the things are now coming together in terms of the right hardware, cost and pricing, and we are increasing our hard disc space as we are increasing the content we're offering through the network and the big titles we're working on, coming out this Christmas. All that is coming together this year... That's not to say we're not working on product for next year. We have some titles that we have announced this year for release next year, like Heavy Rain and MAG, our big 256-player online title... Also there are some titles that we are targeting to launch next year that we have not announced yet. We still have a lot to come.

That way Yoshida can say the year after next is the year of the PS3, too. Endless! Yoshida - PS3 hardware, cost and pricing "now coming together" [VG247]