Sony: Heavy Rain Selling "Incredibly Well," No Need For PS4 Yet

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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton seems incredibly pleased with Heavy Rain's reception with PlayStation 3 owners, saying that the newly released game's pre-sales were "off the charts," underscoring that there's no need yet for a PlayStation 4.

Tretton tells Fast Company that the next generation of the PlayStation family won't arrive until there's a clear need for it. And with the PS3 just now hitting its stride three-plus years in, when the traditional console cycle is past the halfway mark, Tretton says, there's still plenty of life left in the console.

"When somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we're able to do on the PS3, but we are still just starting to harness it," Tretton argues. "I don't know what the percentage would be, but we've clearly just scratched the surface in the PS3. You're just starting to see games like Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, and Final Fantasy XIII, that are really taking advantage of the technology. You are going to see more and more value and more and more innovation across the board."


Jack's also pretty please with the annual "Year of the PS3" claims. Not from Sony, mind you, but from other folks. So which year is it again?

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO on Motion Controls and the Year of the PlayStation 3 [Fast Company]

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