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Time for another episode of "No Plans Watch"! This week, we feature Sony's John Koller, who takes recent reports that PSP2 games are already in development and does his best to pooh pooh them.


He says that numerous development sources have it all totally wrong! According to Koller, all Sony are doing is "pushing developers away from its "Universal Media Discs" and towards digital distribution of games via the PSP store". That's all!


In other words, Mr. Koller would like us all to believe that a number of developers who develop for the PSP could not differentiate between this "push" and developing for an all-new handheld.

Not the strongest "no plans" denial we've seen, then, but it gets points for its creative "explanation"!

Exclusive: Sony PSP2 Rumors Bogus, No New Handheld Gaming Gadget Coming (SNE) [Silicon Alley Insider]

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