Sony Goes Trademark Crazy With Legend Of Kunoichi, Smashbreak & More

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Sony Computer Entertainment has filed a quartet of new trademarks that may offer a peek into the PlayStation 3 and PSP maker's upcoming software plans, including a new ninja game.


Of the four new trademarks filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it's only Legend of Kunoichi that gives us a sense of what Sony has planned, something starring a female ninja on some PlayStation platform. And it's likely not a reference to Sega's PlayStation 2 sequel to Shinobi, known as Nightshade in the West, Kunoichi in Japan and pictured above.

Three other titles, Smashbreak, Digi-tiles and Earthshield, sure sound like smaller puzzle or arcade games, the type of content that sound ideal for PSP minis releases or PlayStation Network games. (The trademarks are protected for "game software for hand-held equipment with liquid crystal display" and "downloadable video game software," but Sony may simply be overprotective.)

Another option? Smaller games for the PlayStation 3's motion controller, due relatively soonish.

Legend Of Kunoichi, Smashbreak, Digi-tiles & Earthshield [USPTO]


Striderhayasa - (EliteMonster Hunter)

Dude, Shinobi on PS2 was a game that deserved a better sequel than what it got in NightShade. If you watched a noob play Shinobi, it didn't look like anything special. But when you watched a skilled player take out 20 enemies without getting hit (or touching the ground) and then finish the combo by killing a boss with one's a thing of beauty.

Sega should remake Shinobi for PSN and Live. Just write a better story for Nightshade and lose the voice actor for the main character. (Ninjas, kicking ballistic missles in midair...really?)