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Sony: "Gem" Was A Prototype Name For PS3 Motion Controller

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following up on reports that EA chief John Riccitiello let slip the name of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 motion controller, a Sony spokesperson told Kotaku that "Gem" isn't necessarily the device's real name.

The term "Gem" was "an early code name for the product," according to Sony Computer Entertainment of America director of communications Patrick Seybold. "We haven't announced final name at this point."

Yesterday morning, EA's Riccitiello told a gathering of investment analysts in New York that he expected impressive things from Microsoft and Sony's motion control technologies, referring to them as Natal and what sounded like the word "Gem."


Microsoft has been public since E3 that its hands-free "Project Natal" name is a codename for its device. Sony, which has announced plans to launch their wand-like device in the spring of next year — and, unlike Microsoft, has even begun announcing software support for it — has publicly named the set-up as nothing more specific than the PS3 motion controller.


This fall, at a different investors conference in New York than the one Riccitiello spoke at, Kotaku witnessed Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot dub the controller the MoCon, an apparent simplification of the term "Motion Controller."


While no name has been made final and official just yet, the Sony statement this morning does leave open the chance that Gem could be the final name after all. But it's clearly not the official name today.

Kotaku has followed up with Sony and will update this post with any further information.