Sony Finds Twelve More Freaky People That Want to Compete for a Crap PlayStation Job

Season 3 of the show so outrageously specific it only airs on a video game console kicks off next month. Let's see what sort of quality folks Sony's dredged together for the third season of The Tester.

As you may recall, we've gotten into the horrible habit of live blogging watching episodes of Sony's reality program in which players compete for the lowest paying job in the game industry plus fabulous cash and prizes. McWhertor handled season one, I handled season two figuring McWhertor, who guested on the second season, would be back to live blog season three.

Then McWhertor left, that jerk.

So here we are with an all new cast of misfits. We've got whacky rapping guy, big time jock, fiery redhead, and girl who doesn't know that wearing a red lip ring almost always makes it look like you have herpes. I can't wait.


And I won't have to; The Tester 3 premiers on February 7. Oh good.

Update: Note that The Tester moniker is being stretched pretty far this time around, with contestants competing for a position as a production associate at the world-famous SCE Santa Monica Studio. Why not change the show's name? To what, The Production Associate?

Meet the Complete Season 3 Cast of The Tester [PlayStation Blog]

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Aegis Ornus

Trophy Hunter? 36 Platinum trophies? Really? *Does research*

Alright, I didn't do this because I have too much time on my hands (Which I assuredly do) but because I'm competitive and I want to see if a real gamer finally made it into the spotlight, especially a female/trophy hunter one.

Asuka424's Platinum Trophies:

(Not fully complete = X)

Sly 3

Borderlands (X)


WWE Legends

Portal 2

Spare Parts


Sly 2

Sly 1


Killzone 3 (X)

Last Rebellion

Hannah Montana


Where the Wild Things Are

POP: Forgotten Sands

Killzone 2 (X)


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Dante's Inferno (X)

WWE SvR 2010

Burnout Paradise (X)

GoW 1&2


Dragon Age: Origins (X)


Heavy Rain

Demon's Souls

Terminator Salvation


Rock Band 2

Genesis Coll.


Fallout 3 (X)

PoP '08

HAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU SUCK! Why do people brag when they have nothing to brag about? Look at that trashy list! Seriously, either the PS3 really doesn't have any games (which I know that it does) or she should seriously not be saying she's got any gaming cred. Fuck me... I count 6 games where she'd actually have to try to get a platinum trophy and she doesn't even have all of the trophies for most of those plat'd games. You can tell by the rest of her list that she barely even plays games. She's got a lot of them but the vast majority aren't even 10% complete.

She's officially GamurGrrrl status. Where the hell are all the real gamer girls? I'm definitely more interested in interacting with girls who play games online but the real ones stay quiet and don't interact with other players (for reason's I understand, which also upsets me) and the rest are pathetically unskilled as well as being giant attention whores with nothing worth-while to say or talk about. I've met guys of all types online but the variety of girls seems so one-sided.

I don't think hiding from guys to avoid harassment is a good solution. I know why it's done and what kind of shit you have to put up with when the tactic isn't employed but that's not going to correct the current male attitude. I mean, do you girls REALLY want to be silent and in the background all the time? On Kotaku, I seem to see a good of females with varied comments of substance. Why can't I find that on XBL or PSN?