Sony Explores Alternative to Split-Screen Multiplayer

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A couple of patent applications published recently show that Sony's looking at stereoscopic video for more than just 3D gaming; it could take the place of split-screen local multiplayer.

Broke My Controller noticed the applications, filed a year ago and published on Thursday, that show a method for rendering separate images on the same screen, which are then filtered by glasses worn by player 1 and player 2. The glasses also look like they have earbuds, meaning players get a separate audio feed, too.

Ideally, this would allow both players the view of an entire screen, without either the distraction of their opponent's activity to the side, or the ability to cheat by looking at his screen to see where he is.


The drawback, of course, is you need a 3DTV. And you have to wear the glasses. But as something that's more functional than cosmetic, I could dig it.

You can see the two patents here and here. Both are .pdfs

Sony Files Two Patents Related to Stereoscopic Screen Sharing [Broke My Controller]

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Oh yes, because we can't make everyone sick enough in the room with 3D already. Now we're going to make it even more nauseating to view for the non-3D glass wearer!

You know, for the cost of a 3D TV, 2 pair of these special glasses, and whatever else you need to make all this mystical 3D mojo work, you could probably just buy 2 TVs, 2 separate consoles, 2 copies of the same game, and 2 audio sound systems, and a computer network. ALL OF THAT, and it'll probably cost you less .

I like the More Stuff, Less Cost idea better.