Sony Expects Metal Gear Solid 4 Type Sales From Killzone 2

Worldwide, Metal Gear Solid 4 racked up big sales numbers — 4.3 million copies, actually. Sony, apparently, expects the same or better from Killzone 2. What about you?

An unnamed and unconfirmed Sony employee reportedly told game site V For Video Games, "“It would be a lie to say Sony has not invested heavily in Killzone 2 and each individual at Guerilla games has worked even harder to satisfy any expectations kept by the company and their loyal community. I do see the game breaking a barrier with a huge variety of groups and expect it to see sales as good as Metal Gear Solid 4 if not beyond it."


MGS4 had a tremendous amount of hype around it (and that incessant Xbox 360 chatter) that even crossed over to mainstream press. Not quite convinced that Killzone 2 has that kind of buzz.

Killzone 2 Expected To Sell More/Equal Than Metal Gear Solid 4 [V4VG via CVG]

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