Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe honcho David Reeves is not an easy man to impress. So even when Microsoft lands Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360, Reeves just turns up his nose, flashes a "W" and goes "whateves". Just listen to the man talk FFXIII:

I think that just as we got a massive blip up [in hardware sales] with GTA IV — which was not exclusive — we'll get exactly the same blip up with Final Fantasy... I know it [FFXIII] will look great on PS3 and — it's up to Microsoft to clarify this — it's still exclusive in Japan.

Never mind that Reeves works in Europe, it's what's happening in Japan that counts. That's the stronghold! David Reeves is here to defend it, dammit.
Reeves shrugs off FFXIII on 360 saying, "It's still exclusive in Japan" [VG247]