Sony, David Jaffe Sued Over God of War Copyright Infringement

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GamePolitics is reporting that Sony Computer Entertainment America and designer David Jaffe have been named in a lawsuit over copyright infringement claims pertaining to God of War. Creators Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Barrette-Herzog allege that SCEA and Jaffe's work on the PlayStation 2 game has far too many similarities to both The Adventures of Own: Owen's Olympic Adventure and the screenplay Olympiad. The full details of the complaint are available at GamePolitics, but the gist of the complaint is that while both God of War and Bissoon-Dath and Barrette-Herzog's are rooted in Greek mythology, seven pages worth of "suspicious" coincidences are provided. The claimants note that their works were provided to Sony Pictures in 2002, three years before SCEA shipped God of War. Sony's response to the claims are available at the original report in boring legal PDF format. We greatly anticipate the salty Jaffe video response on the matter. Sony, Designer David Jaffe Sued for Alleged God of War Copyright Infringement [GamePolitics]


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After reading the claim, I can see where there are similarities, but they seem so vague that I can't see a judge with a good amount of sense to rule against Jaffe and Sony. Like the whole claim that Kratos' Blades of Chaos are similar to Zeus' hands that change into blades is a stretch to say they're the same. This will be interesting to see how this case turns out.