Sony Computer Entertainment Patents Robot Peripheral

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Last June, Sony Computer Entertainment filed a patent application for a real robot that interacts with video games. Think of it as Sony's take on R.O.B.


The patent shows a robot outfitted with a camera that enables the bot to decipher the surrounding environment. There's a microphone that makes it possible for the robot to react to sound. A detection sensor is planned as well. There's a display that can show images.

The patent gives no details about how the robot will be used during gameplay, though the robot's processing power lets the robot respond to commands even though the robot's and the player's point of views will obliviously be different.

But with Sony freezing company wages in an effort to help cut company loses, we don't expect to see anything like this from Sony until the economy climbs out of the toilet.

Sony Computer Entertainment Making… A Robot Accessory? [Siliconera]



That first drawing is something I would draw when I was ten thinking about having robots with my video games.

The only difference is there would be more laser eyes in mine