Sony Comments On PS2 God Of War Games Coming To Blu-ray

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Sony surveyed potential God of War III fans this week about what they'd like to see in a collector's edition for the PlayStation 3 sequel, including repackaging the first two games on Blu-ray.

That would almost certainly indicate that PlayStation 2 games would be playable on the PlayStation 3, a backwards compatibility option that the most recent PS3 configurations don't offer. And that would be just about the greatest thing since in-game text chat to hit the console.


Not so fast, Sony Computer Entertainment reps say. The console maker is not announcing updated PS2 support just yet.

"It is simply a marketing survey. The goal of it is to do focus group testing," SCEA reps told Kotaku. "We're just trying to find out what would resonate with the God of War community."

SCEA reps indicated that, while PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility isn't out of the question, don't assume that dangling the prospect in your face is a promise.

"If that was the number one requested thing, that would be something they would need to see if that was most technically feasible," reps clarified.


"Obviously with Blu-ray, we're able to put more content on the disc," we were told. "But in terms of having seen God of War II on a Blu-ray disc on a debug and playing it that way, no, that's not something I've seen."

While the door has been left open to allow the possibility—which could be technically possible on a game-by-game basis—keep your expectations lowered. We'll all be happier that way.

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Isaiah Bradley

seems like it would make the most sense to put GOW 1 and 2 on the disc or on a separate would be the first collector's edition I ever bought for a game.