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In late May, ModNations Racers producer Dan Sochan told Kotaku a patch was in the works that would shorten the game's lengthy load times. Today, IGN reports that such a patch will be out next week.


First on the list of tweaks coming via the patch, the outlet reports, is:

Slashed Load Times
Yes, there are still going to be load times, but Sony is reporting that in some cases those loads will be 50 percent faster.

A new casual difficulty will be added and it seems that players won't have to go to the game's hub — a journey with load times of its own — to access online play.

ModNation Racers is a great-looking game with excellent track/kart/character editing tools. Being able to play it without sitting through frequent commercial-break-length pauses would be a delight. Let's hope next week's patch accomplishes that.

ModNation Racers Patch Date and Details [IGN]

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