Sony CEO Says The 3DS’ Success Shows Demand for Portables, But Vita “Has More to Offer”

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Some people question whether dedicated gaming devices like the 3DS or Vita can find audiences when the iPhone and Android handsets offer games experiences and so much more. Sony CEO Andrew House's answer? "Look at Nintendo!"


In an piece at Gamasutra, House says that the impressive sales numbers notch by the 3DS prove that people will still buy a gadget that's built exclusively for gaming:

"I think that shows that there is, in general, a lot of demand for a gaming primary portable device, which is how I would describe Vita"


House goes on to the note that his company's upcoming gaming will have "much more to offer." Like two sticks.

Of course, the 3DS' launch was a rocky one, hampered by a prohibitive price and limp launch library. Nintendo's 3D wonder only found its momentum after a giant price drop followed up by games from its A-list first-party franchises. The Vita's launching at the same price the 3DS did but with, in my opinion, a much stronger software offering. We'll see how they fare when the device debuts in the U.S. next month.

Sony: 3DS success shows 'lot of demand' for portable gaming [Gamasutra]

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I agree the PSVITA does offer more !, but Nintendo always has a way to lure people with their gimmicks (im not hatin), The 2 screens ( DS ), Motion Gaming ( Wii ), 3D ( 3DS ), But i have learned my lesson, i do not own a 3DS as i do believe the PSVITA may not lure a lot of people into buying it But it will lure more Developers into working on it, same goes with past Nintendo devices with Playstation devices, Yes there are a lot of good games but the PSVITA is for Everybody !, the PSP couldnt do it, it didnt have the touchscreens the cameras that would lure younger people into buying the device, but the PSVITA has everything from a 4 Core internal Proccessor for awesome games like Unhcarted to the Touchscreen, Motion sensing and Cameras for games like Little deviants. The 3DS did show the "Demand" in portable gaming, and i do believe for portable gaming to go all the way, PSVITA is the Key.