Sony Can Now Go Through PS3 Hacker's PayPal Account

Sony's lawsuit against PS3 hacker George Hotz continues: the corporation just won the right to sift through Hotz's PayPal records to see if anyone actually gave him money in relation to PS3 hacking.



The amount of idiocy here is astounding.

When Geohot was mentioned as part of the iOS jailbreaking effort, it was only the most horrendous of Apple fanboys / drones that would argue how jailbreaking was illegal and bad for the platform.

Jailbreaking and homebrew were the only way to do such evil stuff as add multilanguage keyboards (expanding userbase), copy/paste functionality, multitasking, folders, themes and customization (all essential features). Piracy in apps? Yeah, that too. But after the idiotic knee-jerk legal response, Apple did something better. Incorporate the above features (other than the app piracy, of course :P).

While the various fanboys and idiots protested geohot's and others "cracking copyrighted material" and how enabling copy/pasting and video recording (on a device with perfectly capable hardware but not official software support) was a *bad* thing, the platform moved forward and improved, which, suprise, has led to extra sales.

Sony, in this case, doesn't seem to take a lesson. Instead, it finds a judge that I can't help but feel is either a total puppet or has no idea what it is he is allowing to pass, and then proceeds to go on some of the biggest assaults against data privacy in the past few years.

You saw a youtube vid of the hack? 'Grats, we're putting tabs on you. Well, you obviously support piracy and the hacking of our system. Since we all know the commitment it takes to click on a video link and how a view of a video linked everywhere on the internet is a strong sign of your convictions. They should probably do the same with the rap youtube vid and see if they can sue viewers for calling them packers of fudge or whatnot.

You made a paypal donation 2 years ago? Well, shit son, this hack came out three months ago, you're obviously supporting it and the destruction of the ps3, psn, and Sony itself.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and most sane people are objecting to these ridiculous decisions, on the grounds of what. the. hell. dude. Which is a nice way of saying that no judge should allow access to a volume of sensitive data that is mostly irrelevant in a case, but serves as warning and scaremongering towards anyone "in league" with the "bad guys" (cause again, watching a youtube vid is 110% proof of support for *everything*).

But hey, as long as there are idiot children here (on the comments, not the kotaku bloggers) that will easily shit on the privacy of people all around the world just so they can keep feeling like true supporters of a flawed platform (with great hardware), there's Sony's entitlement right there.

At least sites more populated by grown-ups show a more outraged stance towards any corp pulling such stunts. You kids here have fun circle jerking over Sony.