Sony Buys Sony Ericsson (Which is Important for the PlayStation)

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For a while now, Sony and Ericsson have teamed up to run a mobile phone company. That company released the Xperia Play, a device we used to call the PlayStation phone. Today, Ericsson is selling up its side of the business to Sony.


This means the company, once a joint venture, will become a 100% Sony-run operation, which has important ramifications for the PlayStation business. Why?

As explained when this was first a rumour, the Xperia Play is a half-assed device because Sony Ericsson was a half-assed company. Now that it's a full-assed company, completely run by Sony, we might one day get a proper PlayStation Phone afer all.


The deal will be completed in January 2012. Ericsson is selling up for 1.05 billion Euros.

Ericsson to sell stake in Sony Ericsson [Nine]

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Sony buys Sony-Ericsson, not Ericsson.

Ericsson does a HELL of a lot more than just smartphones and the phone side of their business is actually super small.