Sony: Big PSP Games Are Coming, We Promise

The PSP keeps selling, but Lord only knows who's buying it. It's certainly not people playing games on it, because aside from a few notable examples, the handheld has been starved of quality lately.


You know it. I know it. And Sony, Sony know it, SCEE's Claire Backhouse telling MCV:

Granted, perhaps there hasn't been the volume of high profile PSP titles we would have liked to have seen on the platform. But, that said, we continue to focus heavily on software development.

And that focus means new games, Backhouse promising "a number of currently unannounced, yet significant franchises that will re-invigorate the current user base" will see games released this year.

Details would be nice, but hard-up PSP owners will probably be content in the knowledge Sony at least have some intent.


Sony pledges to ‘reinvigorate' PSP in ‘09 [MCV]

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