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Sony announced this morning in an official release that they've sold more than 5.3 million PS4 units worldwide as of February 8, 2014. That's quite impressive if you consider it's still not out yet in Japan for four days and only three months have passed since it's November launch.


Hopefully these numbers mean more games (and localizations, yeah I'm looking at you Yakuza Restoration) in the future.

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My friend is getting pissed off at the moment. He owns the PS4 but is salivating at Dead Rising 3 and Forza. Whilst the PS4 has nothing to compete to that respect.

I've looked at the list of exclusive games on the PS4 vs Xbone... Xbone has all the heavy hitters.. I can't see the PS4's lead lasting at all. Sony need a Halo, a Gears of War, Fable and Titan Fall. Stupid Sony need to tie up a deal for Resident Evil and a couple of Final Fantasy exclusives or Microsoft is going to take the lead once the big guns come out. It's a no brainer. Besides Uncharted 4... Sony has nothing. (I'm not talking artistically here.)

Sony, get your complacent head out of your ass, now.